Asian regionalism has progressed through paths and contexts, which is comparable to the European integration. Given external constraints in the form of rivalry between major powers and internal obstacles from the presence of diverse cultures, institutions and rules, Asia has been challenged in establishing its own identity and status despite sharing a regional common history of colonization, the Cold War and globalization.
Now we are in the time of “Asian Century” or “Asian Era.” For the first time in history, Asia is able to observe and define what and who we are from our own perspective, away from the existing and conventional Western views. However, we inevitably face numerous challenges. As China continues to rise, the pressure from the U.S.-China power competition has been passed on to Asia. Anti-China sentiment is also prevalent in Asia. It is time to listen to the voices of Asian countries and to gather expertise, so that Asia can be sustainable in the name of peace, and go on to create brighter future, without being swayed by the international power struggles.
This event aims to convey the voices of Asian countries to China and to gather Asian voices through communication on geopolitical, geo-economic, and geo cultural issues in Asia which has emerged following the rise of China.


Organizing Committee


Baek Yung Kim / Director of SNUAC Northeast Asia Center

Opening_Soo Jin Park

Soo jin Park / Director of SNUAC, Principal Investigator for HK+ Mega-Asia Research Project Group

4_Beomshik Shin

Beom-Shik Shin / SNUAC HK+ Mega-Asia Research Project Group, professor of international relations

3_Jae Seok Kim

Jae Sok Kim / Director of The Institute for China Studies in Seoul National University


Jeong Kyung Seo / Academic Research Professor of Seoul National University Asia Center, Conference Coordinator

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